Monday, April 11, 2011

On my mind about abortion...

I left the essay below in the combox of a fantastic blogger I have linked on my sidebar, Barefoot and Pregnant...

post is here, my comments are underneath both there and here....

I am an attorney (and mom of 6) and firmly believe that in 150 years abortion (and Roe v. Wade) will be viewed legally and morally as the same kind of atrocity that slavery (and the Dred Scott decision which allowed black people to be defined as "property" of whites) is viewed with today...

think about it, the same reasoning and excuses are used...

"well slavery is not pretty but we NEED it economically in the South"
"some slaves LIKE being slaves"
"some really wonderful people (like the Founding Fathers) own slaves"
"I wouldn't personally own slaves, but I am not going to tell someone else that they can't"
"don't tell me what to do with my property!"

sub "body" for property and I dare you to tell me we are not using the same arguments here in 2011 as we were in 1860 to justify something most people of good will and conscience KNOW in their GUT is WRONG!!!

On a personal note, my friend was coerced into an abortion at age 18 by her boyfriend and a "helpful" doc, she is still living with the psychological fallout today and would not wish it on anyone else...

so if we agree that abortion causes pain and carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term causes pain, how about we choose the pain that leaves us with a LIVING baby instead of a DEAD one???


  1. I was so grateful for your comments. I hope so much that the future you foretell, the one in which we recognize abortion for what it is, comes. But exchanges like the one I had yesterday make me despair of it.

    How can they not see? It breaks my heart, the vehemence with which they will defend the right to kill helpless, innocent, precious little ones.

    Thank you so, so much for your comments. You were like a light in the dark during that exchange.

  2. You are a brave woman Calah! Thank YOU for your courage and the kind charity of your responses!

    It is so sad that they cannot see out of the darkness...

    We can only point to our light in the darkness, the Lord of truth and life!