Sunday, April 10, 2011


Today's Gospel reading was the detailed story of the raising from the dead of Jesus' good friend Lazarus....

Lazarus did not "rise" from the dead (that would imply he did this miraculous thing of his own power), but he was "raised" by the power of another - namely Jesus.

It struck me that one small way I can imitate Jesus is to help "raise" those around me...

While unlike Jesus, I cannot "make" anything happen by purely my own efforts, I CAN be a catalyst and encouraging force for those I love to overcome sin and to exert themselves along the paths of righteousness.

We women, especially we wives and mothers, are very powerful in this respect.

But it is not easy. It can be painful to us personally.

We should not be surprised. Jesus cried right before he raised Lazarus.

This week I resolve to RAISE UP those around me.

RAISE my husband to greater patience and peacefulness.

RAISE my ds#1 to the efforts needed as he finishes his Senior year and registers for junior college.

RAISE my ds#2 to avoid procrastination (wonder where he gets this trait from?)and dig in to work hard during the incredibly tough second semester of Junior year.

RAISE my dd#1 to greater obedience and less whining when she needs to pitch in for family responsibilities.

RAISE my dd#2 to calm when she is whipping herself into frantic activity.

RAISE my ds#3 to activities that nurture his mind and body rather than being attached to electronics all day.

RAISE my dd#3 to.... I don't really know...she just turned 2 and is amazingly cute right now...

Oh yes, her "Dora the Explorer" addiction...

RAISE my dd#3 to spend time in creative play with and without mommy and daddy and siblings instead of watching 8 Dora episodes per day...

I will need to RAISE my heart and mind in prayer all this week to Jesus in order to have any chance of doing any of these!

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