Thursday, March 10, 2011

The fruit of Lenten Fasting

During Lent our Mother Church wisely suggests we focus on three areas - Fasting, Prayer and Almsgiving...

I guess I talked about Almsgiving yesterday when I posted about Lera's fundraiser ;-)

Today let's talk about Fasting, as I did on the phone with my sister this morning...

she is giving up "sweets" and was surprised how many times yesterday she reached for or thought about getting a "little something" from the cupboard...but she admits she is still not very keen on the whole "fasting" idea and is not sure how it can help her grow spiritually.

I am giving up caffeine and alcohol... since I am "expecting" to adopt I am going to live like I am physically pregnant on the great suggestionsof my awesome friend J who is doing the same on her journey to adopt a child with Downs Syndrome....

As the caffeine withdrawal headache set in around 3pm yesterday, I will admit the discomfort did not immediately make me think of the sufferings of Christ...

but today, as I was bringing up the laundry baskets to put away the clean clothes (and feeling much better) I realized what a blessing it is to feel physically well and to be capable of doing the physical work of caring for my family (as opposed to only being capable of lying on the couch with an icepack on my head and moaning).

So at that point, about 18 hours later I sent up praise and thanksgiving with a grateful heart for the blessing of health, asked for God's healing for those I know who are sick, and realized just a bit that living under the shackles of ANY material attachment (including caffeine!) will eventually cause us pain and that God (and His Church) are seeking to FREE us this Lent, not to enslave us.

So watch several hours (or days) down the road to see the true fruits of your Lenten practice. Ask the Lord in prayer to reveal it to you....

and we will talk about prayer tomorrow...


  1. dont know me but i wanted to let you know that you are adopting"my" special little baby :)
    I noticed you havent said the name here...but another blog had you listed as the new family for that little little cutie with the paci :)
    As odd as it sounds you are my answered prayer...the minute i saw him on rr he just jumped off the screen at me. Unfortunately my husband and i literally could not adopt him.At age 24 we do not meet age or income requirements and i was heartbroken as i changed my prayer from "let me be his mommy" to "please let his mommy find him "
    so thank you. Thank you for wanting to be his mommy too

  2. Bethany... Thank you so much for letting me know!

    I went to your blog and saw your beautiful baby girl, congrats on being her mommy and being a full -time mommy to her! It is the most important thing you will ever do!

    Please know that we will love on him like crazy..I am hoping my 2yo will keep nursing until we can get him so I can pump for him (so awesome you are doing it for your baby as well), we also are co-sleepers and while I will have the crib up for the hone study, it probably won't get used much ;-)

    I was married at 21 and a mom at 24 myself and never in a million years considered adoption until a few months ago...I wish I was younger so I could consider more, but your youth and passion for these children will not be in vain!

    Where are you in general, it would be awesome to meet someday! Until then,I will post our adoption blog so you can follow along as soon as we are authorized! Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming so we can get him home to our arms and medical care ASAP...

    Blessings to you mother's heart and family!

  3. Thank you...i love staying home with my is so worth the tighter budget!! please keep me updated on his adoption....i would love the link to your adoption blog! I am just so thankful he has a family waiting to love on him and help him!