Monday, February 21, 2011

5 Minutes

I stopped on the way home from work at the Adoration chapel at our parish.

Only for about 5 minutes.

The best 5 minutes of my day.

For me, 5 minutes in front of the Blessed Sacrament is worth more than hours on my knees seeking vainly to quiet the endless babble of my trivial thoughts.

Now, after years of doing Adoration BADLY (I used to read "O - The Oprah Magazine" in front of the tabernacle - I kid you not, I was THAT clueless back in 1998), I have been given the great grace to worship in a more fitting manner. To feel that all-absorbing feeling that God loves ME and was waiting for ME and is so happy that I am there....

the joy is amazing.

I have been weeping at Sunday Mass lately....not out of sadness, but out of pure exhiliration that God loves us SO MUCH that He died for us AND wants to stay with us until the end of time.

At a Sunday Mass a few weeks after the birth of my 5th child, I was trasported with love and amazement when contemplating the REALITY that in Heaven we will get to experience this Holy Banquet and intimate Communion with the Most High FOREVER.

I saw (briefly) my husband and children and I all kneeling together before the throne of the Lamb....postpartum daydreams or a grace-filled preview of joys to come??

All I know is that my heart is full and my mind is still in front of the Eucharist.

Today I spent 5 minutes with Love.


  1. I want to go to adoration now! OK that's it. No more excuses. You inspired me.

  2. OK. I haven't been in a LONG while...before Abigail??? and am feeling totally drawn now!!! He's calling my name!!!

    Thank you for the wonderful post! What an incredible vision!

    Thank you for your sweet comments regarding baby Abigail. Consider yourself prayed for!