Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We serve a mighty (sometimes sleeping) God.

The wind howling outside as I write is loud and relentless. I cannot even tell how much snow has fallen because the wind is whipping some into sculpted drifts and smashing the remainder of the icy flakes into the window panes.

I live in the south suburbs of Chicago and we are supposed to have close to two feet of snow by the time the storm ends tomorrow afternoon. But we are all snuggled and warm in a house with electricity (still!) and plenty of food and snow days all around for all the childrens' schools.

It is ironic that this storm is turning my thoughts to the elemental power of God, while I sit warm and cozy in front of a computer with a wireless internet connection.

From time immemorial, weather events manifested the awesome majesty of God to peoples all over the earth, who would tremble at the power of the wind, snow, rain and oceans. Now we can forecast blizzards three days in advance and have plenty of time to stock up on extra hot chocolate and gas for the snowblowers (yes, I did get extra hot chocolate - no, I did not get gas as we do not have a snowblower, we have teenage boys to shovel powered by said hot chocolate).

But I still tremble.

I sat with a cup of hot (decaf) coffee and looked out the window in amazement at what the power of God hath wrought. I felt like the apostles on the fishing boat in the storm while Jesus slept. I want Jesus to wake up NOW and get my hubby on board with the adoption! I want to start the paperwork NOW! I want to start fundraising NOW! I want what I want when I want it and I want it NOW!!

But I need to wait on the silent Jesus in the middle of the storm. Just because He is silent does not mean that He is doing nothing. It does not mean that He is not all-powerful.

It does mean that I need to wait in trust during the awesome storm.

Wait until He does what He needs to do with ME. Wait until His will be done.

I will sit and watch the storm and wait in perfect trust for my beloved Jesus, who knows what is best for my soul, my dear husband's soul, and the good of my children.

I will strive tonight to hear His sleeping breath in the howling wind.

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