Friday, February 25, 2011

Random Friday....turned into 7 Quick Takes Friday #2

I suppose I could have done a "Quick Takes Friday" for this if I could organize my thoughts into any reasonable facsimile of 7 bullet points...

but the Dora video running downstairs is almost over, so here, in no particular order, is what is on my mind and heart today:

1) The old minivan my son drives broke down on the way to school yesterday...but depite our fears, the "Dirty Dan" (family nickname for the car) lives (with a $350 new alternator)!

2) Hubby and I are going out to dinner and I will bring up the adoption again, it has not been mentioned between us for weeks now, and I had hoped that my temporary job would have helped alleviate the "cash crunch" enough that he could consider the issue without a critical level of financial fear and worry, but.......

3) things just came up at hubby's work that we hope will resolve by the beginning of March, but they will make it very difficult for him to feel secure about committing to such a large financial obligation as international adoption, but....

4) friends of my husband's family started a charitable foundation for disabled children (in honor of their son Tommy who lived his whole life in a wheelchair with a developmental disability until he died 2 years ago at age 20) and the huge annual fundraiser for the charity we always attend is coming up on March 6....I had looked at the flyer earlier in the day and then ran out to Adoration later and while praying in front of Our Lord it came to me - "Ask for a grant for your baby!!!" Yes, the child I want to adopt has both a cleft palate and arthrogryposis and will likely need many surgeries, so he is just the kind of child the foundation was started to help!! I plan on bringing this up to hubby tonight so I can check into the process...

5) Another financial "incentive" to the adoption I just thought of is that my almost 2 yo would be eligible for the free state program preschool at ages 3 and 4 if we have a disabled child in the house (my 4 yo is eligible next year because we have more than 3 children living at home and my oldest has an IEP, but this will not count for the school year AFTER this coming one because my oldest will be in college). So adopting would SAVE us $400-$500 a month in preschool costs (preschool is pricey here in the Chicago suburbs)!

6) I also thought of how we could manage to go abroad for several weeks to get our sister who lives in Portland (with her hubby and 3 boys) usually comes into town around August for at least 2 weeks...but her boys are homeschooled, so she is very flexible...I could pay for her and her children to COME STAY HERE and run the household while hubby and I had to go overseas!! She would LOVE to snuggle and dress my 2 yo daughter in pink for that time whole time! My 4 yo son would LOVE to hang out with her big boys! She can take everyone all over the Chicagoland area visiting relatives and supervise the older kids as well! Making a note right now to bring this up to hubby tonight too....

7) Finally, a new microwave is being delivered any minute now, to replace the one that burst into flames a few weeks ago - new one covered by warranty! See the Lord always provides! Blessed be the Lord!!

Oh, well I guess I did manage to do a 7 Quick Takes Friday, I should go try and get the header....

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 118)

I got the extra time because baby came up and nursed to sleep on my lap while I typed ;-)

Peace to all and please continue your prayers for God's Will to be done in my family!!


  1. Our microwave burst into flames a few weeks ago, too! It was just barely out of warranty (by a freaking month) and the company (Whirlpool) is going to replace it anyway because they're alarmed that one of their products failed so soon after the warranty expired. I hope we get it soon... I miss having a microwave!!

    Enjoy yours, and I hope the baby negotiations go well. :)

    How does that preschool thing work? Is that an Illinois thing only or is it nationwide?

  2. Microwaves can burst into flames?!?! Yikes! Maybe next to my favorite cookbook isn't a great place for it? :(

    I will say some prayers for you regarding the adoption - it sounds like you have much to consider.

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies!

    JoAnna - the state program I was referring to is called Project Begin here in Illinois, don't know which/if any other states have it...

    Rebecca - the flames were contained inside, so your cookbook is probably safe!

    The adoption talk went ok... I cried, he said he is not ruling it out but is not ready to commit...

    All in God's time! I am praying for patience and peace of heart!

  4. Praying that God opens the door!!!!