Sunday, January 30, 2011


Why does my little girl have the privilege of falling asleep nuzzling my breast on a warm comfy couch every night....

while another little boy has known only a rubber binky and a cold crib?

Why can I not stop thinking about the injustice?

At Adoration tonight I begged my Guardian Angel to go to that sweet boy and snuggle him close and keep him warm....

I wish I knew why....

but I only know it is so.....

and I so want to change it.


  1. Still praying for you, your dh, and now your little RR sweetheart. If you get a chance, please mention little Brigita from Latvia to St. Rita next time you pass. Her birthday is this Saturday, February 5, and she will be turning 6. She is my special little one, to whom I send my Guardian Angel at night.

  2. Also - I bet you already know, but just in case you missed it... Patti at "A Perfect Lily" is hosting a mega-giveaway for poor little Peter, as well as Kareen and Olga. Maybe we can help spread the word among Catholics. A Memorare couldn't hurt.

  3. Thanks Robin! Prayers going out all over!

    I need to link up the RR info to this blog, it is on my to-do list...

    and I will be meeting with a group of good friends (my prayer warriors) on Friday and I will let them know all about RR and how we Catholics can do more to help orphans!

    I will go check out "A Perfect Lily" right now!