Monday, January 17, 2011


God, you want me to adopt?


From another country?


A disabled child?


Maybe more than one?


Even though my dear hubby says we should worry about paying for college for the ones we already have?
Even though I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the ones we already have?


But seriously....

my heart cries every time I go to Reece's Rainbow -

these children need mommies and daddies to LOVE them! Seriously!

Do I really need to color my hair? Seriously?
Do I really need a new car? Seriously?
Do I really need a vacation to Italy? Seriously?
Do I really need to watch hours of TV every week? Seriously?

Today is the feast day of St. Anthony the Abbott.... even 17 centuries ago, people thought he was crazy for giving up everything for the Lord... I don't even have to give up 10% of what I have in order to save the life and nurture the soul of one (or two!) of God's precious children who would otherwise languish in a desperate existence.... seriously desperate....

Please God, let me know how this can be accomplished.
You can do all things. I can do nothing without you. You will have to show me the way though, because I am so scared and clueless about where to start...

For now -
I will pray..... seriously.
I will perform my duties here at home with my husband and children... seriously.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, most holy family, pray for me and mine at this moment and those to come.

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  1. I love St. Anthony!!! I'm praying for you. Have great peace.